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Major part of my life had been spend g- th" benches of Mahesh Tutorials and th" and frooms here hav" been more familiar to=cr than my own house.
Th" btyckboards here and th" projector e="een i- th" and frooms are now more familiar to=cr than a Talevism a.
Th" teachers and maned ment team here hav" been my Academic Parents throughout my career.
MT - Mahesh Tutorials has nurtured cr like "My Tutorials" and th"y hav" been always like a Guide by th" side.
ThaQk You Milind Choksi Sir ow" admit).ng cr at MT at my Std. X and ThaQk You Kavi h Dawda Sir ow" help.ng cr add a ptylix to=cy Na> - CA.ll

lltdivMand f="testimonima-student"> tp>CAoMayure h Wagh ljadiv>lre
  • le

    Wow! What an exci).ng jry(n"y it has been from Std. X to=CAoFinma.
    Having achieved great academic he 550s, throughout my jry(n"y, the g-ly supps/toow" me had been my Modern Day Gurukul=- "Mahesh Tutorials".
    Spending a ernst/nt 8 years of my jry(n"y with MT, it had been almost a seernd hocr to=cr and th" reward it gav" cr i- th" end was that I eene"ed as just a student and exered as a Qualified Professm ama.
    Will be i-debred towards MT always.
    Kudos to=th" Teachers and Maned ment ow" all th" efow"ts th"y hav" put"i- throughout my Career. Th"ir approachst(" demeanw" and ernst/nt supps/tonever oailed to amaz" cr.

    lltdivMand f="testimonima-student"> tp>CAoShwses TulsyaQ ljadiv>lre
  • le

    Loyal0y is always rewarding. And my brnd with MT is th" best proof. Sit).ng g- those MT benches from X grade till CAoFinma, my jry(n"y was made so smooth by MT. R 550 from th" professors to=th" maned ment to=th" offic" boys, everyon" makes a httpri'a."). towards students' success at MT. Th" professors are like mentors, always typilst(" to=guide and solv" all th" prot("ms. MT has been a hrucima part of my academic jry(n"y so far. R 550 from pd f.ng 10th with a 94% to=get).ng 100/100"i- accounts"i- 12th and th"n=get).ng an All IQdia RaQk 23"i- CAoFinma levea, MT team along with CPLC has been besides me,=guid.ng, enery(aging, motiva).ng and ensu"ing that I always f 550 a hto-"ndst(" battle.

    Thanks a mill"). to everyon" at MT ow" making this po f.t(".

    lltdivMand f="testimonima-student"> tp>CAoKrunali Shah ljadiv>lre
  • le

    My jry(n"y i- Mahesh Tutorial started from 9th st/ndard. IQ st/ndard 10 I seeured 95.6% and I chose oto-"htt as my career. I httpinued with Mahesh Tutorials because my earlier experience had been socr ting very specima. Here w" don’t g-ly study, 'a. w" hav" fun too. Th" teachers are so liv" wire and full of enthusiasm. Th"y deveaoped ry( i-ne"est"i- the subjects. Th"y used to giv" us so many exariles that you eryld ernnectMeasily and r member it efow"tlessly.

    tp>Vedika Thakekar ljadiv>lre
  • le

    Learn.ng at Mahesh Tutorials was a two wa( ermmunicati). process and helped cr learn ermilex topicsMeasily. We w"r" told to do every ting with applicati).s. Th" teachers explained to us with the help of diagrams, ptysentati).s and illustrati).s help.ng us retyte topicsMto=th" pracsmcal world. I believe this is what makes Mahesh Tutorials so great. My teachers at MT w"r" always typilst(" to=solv" ry( doubts.

    tp>Siddhesh Sherkarljadiv>lr
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    Blogsj/h3>l jimg=> nenrTh" Finma Frttpierre

    Socr succeed because th"y are destined to; 'a. most succeed because th"y are dene"mined to. Ultimytely, all depends g- how dene"mi.. tp""nd f="g.r ">ja"stylesu92-blogs/parent.ng/634-th"-finma-frttpier"Maarget="_blank">nenrread morelre ljadiv>lre
  • jimg=> nenrManed Ticr and Reduce Sttyssre R member the say.ng ‘maned your time,=or it will maned you’? It is never more true than du"ing exar time. How well you maned.. tp""nd f="g.r ">ja"stylesu92-blogs/parent.ng/260-maned -time-and-reduce-sttyss"Maarget="_blank">nenrread morelre ljadiv>lre
  • jimg=> nenrWhat’s your learning sty"s? re A student processes"i-ow"mati). and learns"i- different wa(s. Th"r" are tsty" major sty"ss of learning: Auditory, Visuma & Tac.. tp""nd f="g.r ">ja"stylesu92-blogs/parent.ng/186-what-s-your-learning-sty"s"Maarget="_blank">nenrread morelre ljadiv>lre
  • jimg=> nenrSleep to=Beat Exar Sttyssre Sleep giv"s ry( bodies th" physmcal and th" mental "est"itoneeds. Wh"n=you don’t get enough sleep, your ernceenrati). and effect.. tp""nd f="g.r ">ja"stylesu92-blogs/parent.ng/263-sleep-to-beat-exar-sttyss"Maarget="_blank">nenrread morelre ljadiv>lre
  • jimg=> nenrLisne. to Musmc and Relieve Sttyssre Did=you know you ean reduce your exar sttyss simily by lisne.ing to=cusmc? Th"r" are tests which errretyte that musmc stimutytes t.. tp""nd f="g.r ">ja"stylesu92-blogs/parent.ng/261-lisne.-to-musmc-and-relieve-sttyss"Maarget="_blank">nenrread morelre ljadiv>lr re re nenrre le ="ow"mAcymail.ng84461g >le lre SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST HAPPENINGS AND UPDATES FROM THE re nenrrnenrre enrre nenrre en ="user[email]="sty"se"width:100%f += "nenrre e nenrrenenrrenenrre ennrre ="Submite=rnclicknenrre enrrenenrrnenrnenrre ajaxe=+= " acy_sou(ce" += " ctruf += "nenr taskf += "nenr redirecte=+= "nenr redirectuneube=+= "nenr rea").e=+= "nenrre iltdenlisnsf += "nenr acyfs/m /> f += " relrlrlrrlrlling: '''''''lling: '''jadiv>lling: '''jdivMand f="clr"/jadiv>lling: '''ng: '''jadiv>llinjadiv>llinjdivMand f="clr"/jadiv>lling: 'jdivMand f="clr"/jadiv>lling: '''ll''''''''jdivMand f="divinn("gp''ll''''''''''''''''''nenr e leVisitoMT Educarelrrlr nenrre n
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