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Congratulations to all our CA Final Students for Clearing the Exam with Flying Colours.

Time to celebrate MT Educare Students’ Success in the CA Final Exam! Even as the results are coming in, a special Congratulations for Shubham Kothari AIR 13th, Karthik Ganesh AIR 21st, Karishma Gajaria AIR 22nd, Paduchuri Ramakrishna AIR 35th, and Aarzoo Merchant AIR 50th.

Commerce Students participating in the fun filled Onyx 2017 showed their competitive side by contesting for top honours. Students and teachers had fun while participating in events such as races, dances, stage performances and other fun filled activities. ONYX - dimension of distinction, is being organized since the inception of Mahesh Tutorials Commerce and this year the event had 2000 participants from more than 75 different colleges from across Mumbai. ONYX was divided into cultural and sports activities and was organised on two days at different venues. The venues were Acharya Atre ground, Ghatkopar East, on 24th Dec & on 26th Dec. it was held at Kalidas Auditorium, Mulund West.

There was immense competition in the sports events such as the races and relays. The competition was so fierce that students had started practicing weeks in advance. There were many other exciting events from T-20 to Gym events, Fine Arts to Performing Arts, Fun events to literary events. There were around 54 events held during Onyx. Each event had a unique name like Zabardast Pheku, Bhuvan Kaun, Jodi No. 1, Param Paragat Paridhan, and Chunaav Tanaav. The students even engaged professional choreographers to win the title of ONYX Champ.

ONYX encourages Team Spirit, Team Building Efforts and camaraderie in students. Every team appoints students who take responsibility of organizing finance, publicity, choreographers and other resources needed by the team. They have to decide the students who will take part in particular events and then keep the momentum and encouragement high till the event is over so that the team wins because although the individual events count the ONYX Champ is the team. In other words ONYX helps students learn to organize themselves in life and the career that they will be taking up in the future.

Our CA IPCC students achieved high ranks across the country with AIR 20, 44, 45, 46. Results are still coming in. Await further good news.

CA FINAL (May 2017)


AIR 2, 5, 15, 17, 20, 23, 26, 32, 33, 41,43, 44, 46, 47, 47, 49, 49 are MT EDUCARE students.

CA - CPT (June 2017)


'180 & ABOVE' OUT OF 200

Our top scores of CA-CPT : 191, 190, 187, 186, 184, 183, 182, 181, 180

Marks are out of 200. These are top ranking scores for CA-CPT secured by MT Educare students.

*ICAI has stopped publishing CPT Ranks.


Ms. Vedika Thakekar : 94.92% Agg. (General Commerce Stream Top Scorer)

Mr. Siddhesh Sherkar : 94.92% Agg. (Vocational Commerce)

63 : Highest number of students securing above 90% Agg. from a single institute across Mumbai are with us.

Our Supremacy across all core subjects in Commerce :

Book Keeping : 100 / 100
Economics : 96 / 100
Math-Stats : 100 / 100
OCM : 97 / 100
SP : 94 / 100

(We are also the only institute to have a staggering number of 10 students scoring 100/100 in Book Keeping, 4 students scoring 97/100 in OCM, 3 students scoring 96/100 in Economics apart from a perfect 100/100 score in Math-Stats as well.)

Mahesh Tutorial Students acing exams and making news.

Congratulations to Rohan Shetty 93.4% (1st in Don Bosco School) and Shreya Singh 93.4% for scoring high marks in CBSE Class 12 Commerce. We are proud of you.
We are proud of Siddhesh Sherkar 94.92% and Vedikar Thakar 94.92%. Our subject toppers scored Maths – 100, BK – 100, Eco – 96 & OC – 97. We are proud of all our students.

The IPCC Results have been announced and our students have given us another reason to celebrate.

Congratulations to Our Outstanding CA IPCC NOV 2016 Rankers

  2. KINJAL MEHTA - AIR 38th
  3. SUDHARSAN C V - AIR 46th

CA Final Results are out and our students have once again scored well and achieved high ranks. Three of our students have achieved ranks of 5, 39 and 43.

Robochamps Terminal Exams will be held from September 27 to 30, 2016. The Terminal Exams are Mock Tests for students to improve their performance when they give their actual tests in schools, colleges and boards. The Exams are for Students of Class 8, 9 & 10 SSC Mah State Board; 11 & 12 Science HSC Mah State Board; 11 & 12 Commerce, HSC Mah State Board and 9 & 10 ICSE Board.

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