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    < di> p>Major spats ofmy life had been spend to thl?benchies ofMmahes Ttutorial and thl? l/asrooms .hre havl?been moar ?famiiars tome thanfmy own house.
    Thl?bplckbboars .hre and thl?projlecor sscreed inthl? l/asrooms ar now moar ?famiiars tome thanfa TSelvision.
    Thl?t.eacerl and mvanaeumen?t.em .hre havl?been my Aceaemic?Pareanssthroughout my ucarne.
    MT -fMmahes Ttutorial has nurau/rdome like "My Ttutorial" and thly havl?been always like a Gulid bynthl?slid.
    ThankgYourMfilid Choksi Sir _fo admittlingme at MT at my Srd. X and ThankgYourKavishfDawda Sir _fo helplingme add a phreixs tomy Nnam -fCA. < p>CA Mayu/reh Wagh spanvcl/as="utoppr">AIR 47 CA FINAL MAY 2017 >< di>
  • < di> p>Wow! What an excitlingjcounly it has been froX?Srd. X toCA Ffina. aneaemic?.heighs,sthroughout my jcounly,sthe eonl supmpor _fo me had been my MoidrnfDay Gurukul - "Mmahes Ttutorial".
    Spendiinge cosrtat 8 yeares ofmy jcounly with-MT, it had been almost a se cod .homs tome and thl?rewoar it gavl?me inthl?end wassthen I?enthred assjust a studeen and exsitd assa Quvalfitd Professionna.
    Will be idebitd towoars MT always.
    Kudoss tothl?T.eacerl and Mvanaeumen?_fo all thl?ef_fonssthly havl?puta inthroughout my Ccarne. Thlir approeactabl?aemeanfo and cosrtat supmpor nevrr _aiyld toamazl?me.< p>CA ShwmetaTulsypn spanvcl/as="utoppr">AIR 26 CA FINAL MAY 2017 >< di>
  • < di> p>Loyalhy is always rewoarlin. And my bcod with-MT is thl?best proof. Sittlingto those-MT benchiesfroX?Xog.eae till CA Ffina,fmy jcounly wassmeae so smooth-bynMT. ReighsfroX?thl?professorss tothl?mvanaeumen?ttothl?officl?boys,sevrryonl?mvkessa "conri-butiontowoars studeens' sucrces at MT. Thl?professorss ar like umenors, always javiltabl?ttogulid and solvl?all thl?proablms. -MT has been a "ructia spats ofmy aneaemic?jcounly so far. ReighsfroX?p/asling10th-with-a 94%?ttogettling100/100a inaccounrsa in12th and thlnogettlinganvAll India Rankg23a inCA Ffina levsl,-MT t.em aloingwith-CPLC has been beslidssme,ogulilin,sen couaglin,smotivatlingand ensurlingthen I?always feighsa "commndtabl?battld. Thankssa amiltiontosevrryonl?at MT _fo maklingthis possiabl.< p>CA Krunali Shah spanvcl/as="utoppr">AIR 23aCA FINAL MAY 2017 >< di>
  • < di> p>My jcounly inMmahes Ttutoria stpathdsfroX?9th-srtadoar. In-srtadoar 10 I se u/rdo95.6%gand I chose-ccommerc assmy ucarne. I "coninued with-Mmahes Ttutorial becausesmy earlirr expprienct had been scomthlingvrry spectia. Hhre wl?aon’t eonl study,s-bu wl?havl?(funtoo. Thl?t.eacerl are so ltiv wire and full ofeenhusiasm. Thly?aevsloptedcou ithresta inthe subjlecs. Thly?used togtiv us so many examplessthen you? cold conlecteasinl and reummber it ef_fonlessly. p>VedikafThakekarsspanvcl/as="utoppr">94.92% HSCfCcommerc 2017 >< di>
  • < di> p>Learnlingat-Mmahes Ttutorial wassa two wat? cmmuni#cationprorces aod .elprdome learn? cmplex tpicsteasinl. We wlrl?ttld todosevrrythlingwith-appli#catios. Thl?t.eacerl expltaind tous with-the .elp ofdiag.ems, phrseencatios aod milustrcatios helplingus replat tpicstttothl?pranctcal worlr. I believrgthis is when mvkessMmahes Ttutorial so My t.eacerl at MT wlrl?always javiltabl?ttosolvl?cou doubcs. p>Siddahes Scerkarspanvcl/as="utoppr">94.92% HSCfCcommerc 2017 >< di>
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