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  • Nilay J Shah, 5th Rank in IPCC May 2011: I would like to share my experience of this journey. Initially in the month of August to December. I used to set weekly targets say 30 to 35 hrs of serious study which helped me keep touch with the class syllabus along with managing my college. Once I was done with the first reading by Feb end, in March and April studied for 8 to 10 hrs. per day. One thing I would advice you is that IPCC is all about managing your time and the rest will take care of itself.
  • Dhruv Karia, 32rd Rank in IPCC May 2011: The secret of success was studying 2 to 3 hrs daily from the start of classes and increasing it to 8 hrs before exams. The most difficult subject was IT and what helped me was concentrating on it in mornings.The main point where classes helped me was the doubt solving methods, friendly attitude of teachers and staff and many tests conducted.
  • Vedant Parekh, 39th Rank in PCC May 2011: In first attempt I didn't clear, but that was not the end. My advice to all students that if you work hard and dedicatedly you will surely clear and you never know you might also secure rank like me!!
  • Kevin D. Gandhi, 9th Rank in CPT June 2011: Being an early bird is what is required. Doing studies and trying to cope-up with the class portion will not only provide you a revision but will also spare some time in the end, when others starts preparing for the course, I was done with my CPT portion by the time I was done with my class 12th exam. In later days, I just did my revision and also searching for all possible relevant data for the course which boasted my confidence. So one should not only be done with studies but should be very alert while solving every complicated question.
  • Samiksha Jain, 4th Rank in CPT June 2011: I had my entire focus on my 12th standard syllabus till the boards as I focused on getting my basic concept clear. The three months of CPT preparation comparised of early meaning study as it suited me best, to remember concepts for longer. A regular study with short breaks and ample time for recreation i.e. in my case Salsa and table Tennis acted as stress buster.

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  • My journey in Mahesh Tutorial started from 9th standard. In standard 10 I secured 95.6% and I chose commerce as my career. I continued with Mahesh Tutorials because my earlier experience had been something very special. Here we don’t only study, but we have fun too. The teachers are so live wire and full of enthusiasm. They developed our interest in the subjects. They used to give us so many examples that you could connect easily and remember it effortlessly.

    Vedika Thakekar
    94.92% HSC Commerce 2017

  • Learning at Mahesh Tutorials was a two way communication process and helped me learn complex topics easily. We were told to do everything with applications. The teachers explained to us with the help of diagrams, presentations and illustrations helping us relate topics to the practical world. I believe this is what makes Mahesh Tutorials so great. My teachers at MT were always available to solve our doubts.

    Siddhesh Sherkar
    94.92% HSC Commerce 2017

  • Robomate+ App has been extremely useful for the students. It helped me a lot in revising the concepts for Std. XII Board exam. It acted as a teacher in the absence of a teacher physically.
    Moreover, it has also helped a lot for preparing for CPT Exam. I am really thankful to MT Educare for its fantastic work on this app...

    Vaibhav Hariharan
    HSC Commerce : 96.00% Agg. 2016

  • MT Educare is the perfect place to pursue your CA journey. The professors are not only pioneers in their fields, they also make you think. They are also very approachable and friendly, ever ready to help you with any doubts you have. I could not be where I am today without their guidance. Due to challenging work timings, MT Educare has been a life saver thanks to their flexible timings and video classes. You get more than your value for money here, they really do go the extra mile, and that’s what sets MT Educare apart.

    Arihant Kothari
    AIR 9 CA Final Nov. 2015

  • MT has some of the best faculty in India. Their technology-enabled teaching methodologies eased my challenging ride. I was able to get the right advice at the right time to make the right decisions which helped me become a topper. The personal attention given to each student, doubt solving sessions, flexible timings and locations helped me immensely in preparing for this exam. I would certainly recommend MT Educare to students who are preparing for CA.

    James John Britto R
    AIR 1 CA Final Nov. 2015